NearSighted Prescription Optical Lense (Piece) Snorkeling Diving Masks Review

NearSighted Prescription Optical Lense (Piece) Snorkeling Diving Masks

  • NearSight Prescription / Corrective Lense (Piece) for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Mask:
  • highest quality optical raw glass.
  • CAD & CAM MOLD, full view designed, and precisely ground and finished.
  • Tempered Glass.
  • performances meet ANSI Z86.11-1985

GetWetStore offers a complete line of affordable prescription lenses for dive masks. These ‘stock’ negative, positive prescription lenses only fit certain masks. These corrective lenses are designed for off-the-shelf correction. These lenses are not for those with more complicated vision problems such as astigmatism (correction needed for both near and far away) or double vision

A pair of prescription lenses compatible with:
ScubaPro Spectra Mask
Genesis Scuba LVX SM7200 Mask
Body Glove Astound Mask
Promate MK260 Fish Eyes Mask, MK265 Hawk Eyes Mask
Tilos M680 Eagle Eyes Mask
ScubaMax MK-103 Spider Eye

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